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About me
My name is Michael. I am a database programmer by day, and a game developer by night.

I build my gaming projects using Gamestudio, a game maker that uses the lite-C programming language (very similar with C and Javascript). It's a powerful game authoring tool that can create a huge variety of good looking games - see for yourself!
This site presents my Gamestudio game making tutorials for beginners.

I've got a busy life (family, kids, etc) so please don't email me, requesting more tutorials. I know that you like them all and you want more, but all I can do is to promise that there will be more. When? Unfortunately, I can't answer this question.

Enjoy your visit here! And don't forget that the best way to learn programming is to examine other people's projects. Start by downloading, playing and then examining the source code for the Gamestudio projects that are created by other people - if it is available. I have listed a few interesting projects on the "Downloads" page. They should keep you busy, at least for a while...