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Free Gamestudio downloads
Download and play with these game projects to experience the HUGE power of Gamestudio!!!
(insert evil laugh here).

Seriously, use them to figure out how Gamestudio works and to learn some powerful coding tricks  while you are waiting for my next series of tutorials.

Here's the download list:

Gamestudio free version. Download it, install it, and then you'll be able to learn game development without having to pay a dime: http://server.conitec.net/down/gstudio8_setup.exe

C# software development kit. Useful for people who want to create games using the C# programming language: http://server.conitec.net/down/AcknexWrapper_8_0_3_2__2_1_5.zip

Supercan, a fantastic 3D action game which was developed by Sobee Studios: http://www.supercanoyun.com/

Venice demo. Shows several great looking water and weather effects: http://server.conitec.net/down/venice.zip

Warehouse demo. Advanced lights and shadows in a level that is perfectly balanced: http://server.conitec.net/down/warehouse.zip

3D Driving School. Learn to drive using your computer, before getting behind a real wheel: http://www.3d-simulator.de/v3_demo.php

Kabus 22, a frantic action game that will win your heart for sure: http://server.conitec.net/down/kabus22_trailer.avi