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Welcome to Pixel Ellipsis. I am Michael, a Gamestudio coder

The multiplayer tutorial is on its way.

Just got a sma plug, so now I can hook up an external antenna to my old laptop. With two computers connected wirelessly, it means that I'll be able to code that lag-free multiplayer tutorial a bit sooner than expected ;)

"Working with SED" tutorial is ready.

Want to get started with lite-C programming? This tutorial will help.

Datasmith, the new workflow toolkit for the Unreal Engine

Datasmith was developed for artists and designers, who aren't familiar with coding. It supports more than 20 CAD third party tools, including 3ds Max. Read more here.

"Working with the World Editor" tutorial.

This guide will help you learn to create a simple Gamestudio level, step by step, in less than 10 minutes. Read the article.

"An introduction to Gamestudio" tutorial is now available.

The first tutorial is ready! It discusses the key Gamestudio components, helping you get an overview of this powerful game development system. Here's the link to it.

Website is ready

The site has been launched! If all goes as planned, I will publish GS tutorials for beginners regularly.

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